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We also offer an Accelerated Career Entry Program and an RN/BSN Completion Program.As a part of the Undergraduate Nursing Department, you will join a community of clinicians, researchers, faculty, and students in your journey toward nursing practice.Early Assurance is available for all Nurse Practitioner tracks with the exception of Adult-Gerontology Acute Care, Pediatric Acute Care, and Pediatric Primary and Pediatric Acute Dual Programs.Subgroup analyses in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) or in meta-analyses of RCTs examine whether treatment effects vary according to patient group, way of giving an intervention, or approach to measuring an outcome.Nursing BSN co-op students may apply for early assurance at the start of the senior year.

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Many subgroup claims are, however, subsequently shown to be false.4 Thus, investigators, clinicians, and policy makers face the challenge of whether or not to believe apparent differences in effect. The list really does just go on and on — which is why we'll be updating it every month to include more of our favorite female performers from one our favorite iconic musical periods. And then there's all the ladies of the Lilith Fair stage. This “yes” versus “no” polarised approach is undesirable and destructive, mainly because it ignores the uncertainty that is inevitably part of such judgments.An approach that is more productive and more realistic is to place the likelihood that a subgroup effect is real on a continuum from “highly plausible” to “extremely unlikely”, possibly by using a visual analogue scale.

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